Bike Life Support (tune-up) Page

Bike Medic Plus’ Service Options/Tune ups

+ Safety Inspection
+ Correctly adjust every nut and bolt to make sure your bike is safe
+ Drivetrain wear inspection
+ Light bike cleaning

+ Drivetrain cleaning
+ All cables inspected and lubed/replaced as needed

+ Brakes and derailleurs adjusted as needed
+ Lube all moving parts
+ Post service ride

Fees for Parts

+ Brake cables $30, Shifter cables $30.

Mobile Services/Tune ups

+ $50 for single speed/kids bike.
+ $100 for geared bike (full suspension mountain bikes $100).
+ $80 electric bike tuneup
+ $30ea Ebike brakes adjustments

Ebike Flat repairs $70 rear $40 front includes tube and labor




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